About Applied Information Sciences

  • AIS is a community of like-minded system and software engineers.
  • We are driven to use the latest innovations to help our clients enable transformative change.
  • AIS operates more for a purpose than a profit.
  • We invest our profit into our people to learn about and apply the latest innovations.
  • We seek to conduct projects with our clients and share risk and accountability.
  • We only seek work that we are prepared to do well.
  • We hold ourselves to the highest code of ethics and honesty. We conduct ourselves with a high degree of humanity and humility

AIS is a privately held, technical services company headquartered in Reston, Virginia. Over the past 30 years, AIS has provided custom solutions to government agencies and businesses worldwide. We’ve built a reputation for delivering completed projects to our clients that are on time, within budget and exceed expectations. Today, AIS provides long-term career opportunities to more than 300 talented individuals and open additional offices in Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas and India.

AIS’s steady growth comes from fiscally responsible, conservative leadership and a client base of roughly half government and half commercial clients. We seek this balance as commercial firms are more likely to embrace innovation which fuels AIS differentiation. Government clients are becoming more innovative as they seek to reduce their costs. Opening offices in lower cost of living areas both on- and off-shore has allowed AIS to reduce our project costs. Any AIS office can deliver any AIS service as a result of our ability to work in a seamless yet geographically-distributed manner.

AIS’ innovation-driven culture has attracted some of the industry’s best thought leaders and subject matter experts, many of whom advise the world’s largest software companies, and speak at prominent events around the globe. They will now be writing right here, about the work they do, the solutions they discover and the innovations they develop.